Department of Marketing Strategy & Innovation, Associate Professor

The passion and aspiration to encourage learning have driven Dr. Hossein Nezakati Alizadeh to start a career in the Education sector, specifically in the fields of Management and Marketing in various international institutions and universities. It was also during this period of time that he continued his education pathway by pursuing an MSc in Business Administration, and a PhD in Business Management (majoring in Marketing Management). Shortly after gaining his doctorate, he served as the Academic Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Economics and Management at Tehran Central Branch of the Islamic Azad University.

At the peak of his career in education, Dr. Hossein gained the opportunity to migrate to Malaysia to serve as a Senior Lecturer at University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

He has attained numerous awards and accolades, such as the Distinguished Research Award-USA (2010), Excellent Service Award-UPM (2011), Honoured Professorship-IIC (2014) and Residence Pass Talent-Malaysia (2015). Dr. Hossein has published more than 100 academic publications, 5 books, and supervised more than 140 postgraduate students, postgraduate coordinators, and co-researchers of more than 5 national and international research funds. He collaborates with more than 20 international journals as a reviewer or an editor.

Dr. Hossein has been invited to many conferences, seminars, and workshops as the organising committee, chairman, lecturer, or keynote speaker around the globe. He was one of the technical committee members of the coding standard “General Principles and Criteria on Sustainable Development” in Malaysia (2016), and is an Executive Committee Member of Case Writers’ Association of Malaysia (CWAM) since 2011.


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