10 Types of Master’s in Education for Teachers to Explore

A noble profession, teaching demands constant growth and evolution. As classrooms evolve and educational needs change, teachers who invest in further education are poised to continue standing tall, not just as skilled instructors, but as leaders and innovators. 

A Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a key that unlocks new opportunities, propels career advancement, and empowers you to shape the future of learning. Whether it’s deeper expertise in your niche that you’re seeking, a desire to switch to curriculum design, or an aspiration to climb the leadership ladder, an M.Ed. can pave the way.

In terms of earning power, teachers in Malaysia with a master's degree often earn 28% more than their counterparts with only a bachelor’s degree – in line with the higher pay commonly enjoyed by professionals with postgraduate qualifications, regardless of industry.

Finding Your Ideal Master's in Education

Choosing the right master’s in Education may feel overwhelming, given the many types of M.Ed. programmes offered by universities.

Our list of 10 popular types of M.Ed programmes helps you discover different M.Ed. specialisations so you can find the perfect match for your passion and career aspirations.

1. Master's in Teaching

Ideal for: Dedicated educators seeking to refine their pedagogical skills, enhance classroom management, and explore innovative teaching methodologies.

What It Covers: Subjects may include instructional design, differentiated instruction, technology integration, and assessment strategies.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a top teacher who excels in diverse classroom settings, or pursue a specialisation in areas like early childhood education or secondary education.

2. Master's in Educational Technology

Ideal for: Tech-savvy teachers eager to harness the power of technology to create engaging learning experiences and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What It Covers: Subjects may include instructional technology design, educational game development, virtual learning environments, and data-driven instruction.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a learning designer, lead technology integration initiatives in your school, and excel in online and blended learning environments.

3. Master's in English Education

Ideal for: English-language enthusiasts dedicated to nurturing their students' love for language and literature.

What It Covers: Subjects may include language acquisition, literacy development, assessment in English, and the teaching of a second language.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Hone your expertise in English instruction, develop curriculum for English-language programmes, and/or pursue roles in educational publishing or assessment.

4. Master's in Special Education

Ideal for: Compassionate educators dedicated to supporting students with diverse learning needs and creating inclusive learning environments.

What It Covers: Subjects may include assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities, differentiated instruction for special needs, positive behaviour interventions and supports (PBIS), and assistive technology.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a special education teacher, develop interventions for specific learning difficulties, and advocate for inclusive education practices.

5. Master's in Music Education

Ideal for: Music lovers passionate about igniting a love for music in young minds and fostering creative expression through music education.

What It Covers: Subjects may include music theory and pedagogy, curriculum development for music programmes, choral and instrumental conducting, and assessment in music education.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Lead school orchestras or choirs, develop innovative music curriculum, or pursue roles in music teacher training or educational research.

6. Master's in Elementary Education

Ideal for: Elementary school teachers seeking to deepen their understanding of child development, enhance their instructional practices, and specialise in early childhood or elementary education.

What It Covers: Subjects may include child development, literacy and numeracy instruction, classroom management, and curriculum development for specific age groups.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a sought-after elementary school teacher, lead grade-level teams, or pursue roles in curriculum development or educational research for young learners.

7. Master's in Educational Leadership

Ideal for: Educators with leadership aspirations aiming to make a difference at the school, district, or even state or national level.

What It Covers: Subjects may include educational leadership theories, policy analysis, organisational development, and educational change.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a school principal, educational consultant, or district administrator, or pursue roles in policy development or educational leadership development.

8. Master's in Curriculum & Instruction

Ideal for: Curriculum enthusiasts passionate about designing and implementing effective learning experiences, often for specific subject areas.

What It Covers: Subjects may include curriculum development and evaluation, instructional design, learning theories, and assessment strategies for specific disciplines.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a curriculum developer, lead subject-specific teams, design professional development programmes, or pursue roles in educational research or textbook development in your specific area of expertise.

9. Master's in Educational Administration

Ideal for: Experienced educators seeking specialised knowledge and skills for administration positions within schools or other educational institutions.

What It Covers: Subjects may include educational finance, human resource management, legal aspects of education, and school data analysis.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Become a school administrator who manages school budgets and leads faculty development initiatives, or pursue roles in educational policy or data analysis.

10. Master's in Education (General)

Ideal for: Educators seeking broader and advanced leadership and pedagogical knowledge that is applicable to various settings, often to support career aspirations that include securing a leadership role or one in management/administration, or making a professional pivot to a non-teaching role in the education space, such as curriculum designer.  

What It Covers: Subjects may include educational leadership theories, research methodologies, advanced pedagogy, general technical skills, and curriculum development.

Career and Learning Outcomes: Enhanced educational leadership skills open the doors to securing roles such as faculty head or programme director, while deeper pedagogical knowledge can support a career shift to learning design, among others.

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Your Path to Professional Growth in Education

With the wide range of Master's in Education degrees available, it’s important for teachers to study their options carefully, to find a programme that not only supports their career objectives, but also ensures they are able to complete their studies smoothly. 

Our online Master of Education offers a unique blend of flexibility, expertise, and networking opportunities to help you achieve your goals – both professionally and personally – and accelerate your career. 

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