Sustainability Consultant and Practice Lecturer

Dr. Joseph Lim is a sustainability consultant and a founder of an environmental analytic start-up conceptualising IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity to support point of care health solutions.

Backed by 25 years of B2B corporate experience in the life sciences and agriculture industry associated with GRI, LCA, SAI & ISO reporting, Lim is passionate about disruptive entrepreneurial innovation (B2C) intersecting with healthcare technology. Lim’s expertise is in sustainability, including ESG, climate change, and helping executives strategically leverage the Sustainable Development Goals from the future of work and ecological urbanism that’s disrupting industries globally and posing new challenges to business leaders.

Lim serves on the Executive Committee of the Harvard Club of Malaysia supporting the Harvard Prize Book program to engage with top performing Malaysian High Schools students demonstrating excellence in scholarship and character. He is also the Environmental Education Advisor for Global Sustainable Development Vision Innovation Association in Brisbane.

Lim has an MLA in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University, a DBA from University of South Australia and an MBA from University of Bath.