Confident, Connected, Credible: How an MBA Spurs Your Personal Growth

Many might see pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as simply a quick way to the top. But, there are numerous benefits and “unseen” personal advantages you can gain from an MBA education. 

Apart from the tangible benefits, such as the possibility of a promotion to a C-suite position, a bigger pay cheque and bonuses, and an office with a nice view, an MBA can help you with personal growth, too. 

To become a successful and effective leader in such a competitive world, you must possess a growth mindset to help you develop interpersonal skills that make you a better boss and person.

At Sunway University Online, you will learn fundamental skills that will aid you in becoming a leader of the future. Our online MBA programme equips you with the right tools – such as people skills, a network of influential alumni, and credibility – to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Key Ingredients for Personal Growth

An MBA helps you acquire and develop soft skills and traits that will make you a better boss. But, more importantly, an MBA can help you become a well-rounded individual who strives to keep an open mind and understand various perspectives.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways an MBA can enhance your personal growth: 

1. Confidence 

When you think of great leaders, you think about how they command the attention and respect of the people they head. This comes from a valuable trait: confidence. Even if you think of yourself as more of an introvert, confidence is something that can be developed with practice. 

Throughout your MBA journey at Sunway University Online, you will be exposed to various real-world scenarios that require you to step up to the plate, such as heading a project or organising an event.These are just some of the instances in which your leadership skills will come into play, ultimately boosting your confidence and making you a better leader and decision maker. 

2. Networking Skills

Did you know that 82% of people participate in networking activities less than once a month? Enrolling in our MBA programme gives you the incredible opportunity to network with esteemed alumni and industry experts who can help propel your career to new heights. 

Apart from connecting with influential people, you can gain new perspectives and learn about different world views from fellow coursemates. These insightful interactions could lead to long-lasting relationships that are not just part of your professional life, but your personal network, too.

3. People Skills 

In the modern workforce, technical skills alone are not enough to advance your career, nor do they make you a particularly good leader. In 2018, 65 million people held jobs in which social skills are more important than fundamental or analytical skills. While some people have a knack for forming instant connections, others may need a little guidance.

The opportunities that come with an MBA education let you connect with people from all walks of life. You will get to interact with people holding opposing ideas and attitudes, which helps you to broaden your perspective, and teaches you how to navigate challenging scenarios with consideration, poise, and grace. The more you engage with people with whom you don’t necessarily see eye to eye, the better you understand ways you can form relationships based on mutual respect. 

4. Creativity and Innovation 

Complacency kills creativity. After years of doing the same thing, you tend to get stuck in a rut and approach problem-solving with the same, tired methods. As a leader, this could drastically affect your value in the workplace. 

Giving yourself a new challenge, such as pursuing postgraduate study, can help you regain your ability to think outside the box and flex problem-solving muscles that have been lying dormant. Our online MBA programme encourages creativity and innovation in tackling obstacles – skills you can apply in real-world scenarios and help you find your groove again.

5. Credibility

Having an MBA to your name can boost your professional reputation. Pursuing postgraduate study reflects a desire for self-improvement and shows potential employers that you have the drive to keep learning. Because an MBA helps you gain transferable skills that are relevant in virtually any industry or position, you gain credibility as a business leader and expert. 

This well-rounded degree adds weight to your resume, and potential employers are likely to take you more seriously when they see how much work you’ve put into upskilling. Not to mention that pursuing an advanced programme like an MBA is an indicator to employers that you are competent in your field and possess the relevant skill sets that can benefit the company.

6. Adaptability

When you choose to equip yourself with transferable skills, you have the luxury of accessing a wide range of industries. With your potential to remain relevant across fields, adaptability is key. 

During your MBA studies, you will be exposed to various concepts and scenarios in which you will be required to explore different and unconventional approaches to come up with solutions. An MBA helps you develop and improve your adaptability to boost your career progression and ensure you thrive in any setting.

Better People Make Better Bosses 

Being a leader means putting in the effort to understand the people you work with to inform professional decisions. An MBA trains you to work on fine-tuning both your technical skills and soft skills, essentially creating a leader ready to inspire and spearhead initiatives to take on tomorrow’s business challenges. 

At Sunway University Online, we offer students from different backgrounds and industries the chance to broaden their horizons through our fit-for-purpose and pioneering online MBA programme

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