Understanding the 5Vs in Big Data

5Vs in Big Data
5Vs in Big Data

In 2020, humanity generated over 64.2 zettabytes of data. That’s 64,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data. To put that number in context, it would take over a trillion smartphones to store that information… and that’s produced in just a single year!

This huge number gives you an understanding of why managing and analysing that data is such a valuable commodity, and why a Master of Data Science from Sunway University Online can unlock such huge potential for students.

Getting to grips with big data management means understanding the 5 Vs that underpin this data-driven world—velocity, volume, value, variety and veracity.

Velocity of Big Data

Velocity in big data is all about the speed at which data is generated. The flow of big data in our world has grown substantially in recent years - from a gentle river to a raging flood of information. That means unlocking insight requires the skills to cope with this accelerating speed.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions offers a powerful, automated response to tackling this growing velocity. Sunway University Online Master of Data Science programme provides a valuable pathway to understanding these solutions.

Our Deep Learning for Data Science course provides the framework to understand deep learning and neural networks which can transform data access and understanding. This builds on a foundation of machine learning developed in the first of the programme courses—Principles of Data Science. These advanced data technologies will be a powerful enabler in our fast-paced landscape, providing solutions that can deal with this remarkable high throughput of data.

Volume of Big Data

Big data volume is all about how much data we are generating. The 64.2 zettabytes of data generated in 2020 is already 50% higher than previous predictions, and that volume is expected to grow even further in coming years as business and personal engagement increasingly shifts online. Global data creation and replication will grow 23% between 2020 and 2025.

Understanding the principles and skills of big data management will be fundamental to tackling this growing volume of big data. The Big Data Management course of the Sunway University Online Master of Data Science programme will help you build this understanding, establishing the principles of big data management in a way that allows you to adapt to a changing technology environment. You will learn how to apply state-of-the-art techniques to develop storage and management solutions for big data, as well as the capability to model big data and apply large-scale data management solutions .

Value of Big Data

The value of big data is all about the insight and value which can be generated through understanding our data-rich world. There’s no point simply collecting data in an endless ‘data lake’. Businesses need ways to transform that data into actionable insights.

The Data Visualisation and Communicating Value course of the Sunway University Online Master of Data Science programme is designed to unlock this potential. It will teach you the principles, techniques, and practical skills necessary to communicate data insights clearly and effectively through data visualisation. That provides a pathway to understand and leverage the value of data by communicating to key decision makers in a clear and insightful manner.

Variety of Big Data

Dealing with the variety of big data is about the multiple data types and sources which a data scientist must address in order to provide data understanding. Data is a term that incorporates both structured and unstructured data, generated from a huge range of sources—different formats, sources, types of media and more. An effective data solution has to be able to operate and build insight from many different types of data, and integrate that into a seamless solution for business.

The Programming for Data Science course of our Sunway University Online Master of Data Science will put you on the right path to tackle this challenge. It will introduce you to programming for data science, including collection, storage, organisation, management, and analysis of both structured and unstructured data. It will provide you with the skills to assess the suitability of different analytical approaches for investigating data science problems, allowing you to design, implement and test programs to retrieve, manage and analyse multiple data formats from a wide variety of sources.

Veracity of Big Data

Veracity in big data is all about trust and relevance. That means being able to identify both the suitability and accuracy of the data and then applying that to appropriate purposes for your business or organisation. Without knowing the relevance or accuracy of data, you cannot act on it as a source of valuable and trusted information.

The Data Mining course of our Master of Data Science programme provides a valuable framework to operate in this landscape. It will build your skills in evaluating, comparing, and interpreting select data models in order to aid knowledge discovery. That means applying and evaluating data understanding and preparation for data mining, helping you generate trusted insight from a wide variety of data types and sources.

Want to get to grips with the 5Vs on your path to data success? Find out more about our 100% flexible online Master of Data Science programme today.